Monthly Archives: November 2010

You’ve seen super cool DJs Steph and Arlene of Sound Fusion Entertainment in our previous posts. We we’re honored to photograph their wedding, and work with them at other events, but you don’t really know someone until you share your self with them. We shared a very emotional afternoon together, and I want to thank them for being part of the experience and sharing themselves with me.

We hear words like devotion, love, commitment, trust, and beauty every day. These are the moments words like those spring from.

This is love, undefined.

This is love, unposed.

NU Sanctuary hosted REMIX, the brainchild of DJs Starlene and Steffon of Sound Fusion Entertainment, and those kids know how to throw a party. Arlene and Steffon grew their roots as club DJs so this wasn’t new turf for them. Celebrating NU Sanctuary Nightlife Bartenders: Brannon, Maher, & Kushal, they spun to a full house with partial proceeds being donated to Wish Upon a Wedding. Thanks to Adam and Cymbra of Artistic Imaging for grabbing some very cool people photos and Enchanted Florist for the awesome decor.

The night was loud to say the least, but everyone had a great time – how could you not? With DJ Steffon, DJ Starlene, DJ Chuck Fader, The Tunay Ink Break Dancing Crew and the loud and dangerous 51Fifty. It was madness, but for a great cause!

Thanks to everyone who came out!

For the second year, Dawn and Annette of Couture Bride gave away wedding dresses to active duty military personnel and those who have served in Iraq or Afghanistan. Veteran’s Day started early as girls showed up at 11:30 the previous night to claim a spot and the chance for one of the many gorgeous dresses. The pre-dawn hours had a line of anxious brides waiting, with temperatures in the low 40s, they wrapped up in blankets, heavy coats and hoods and hugging warm cups of coffee or hot chocolate.

Swanky sounds were spun live by ultra DJs Arlene and DJ Steffon of Sound Fusion Entertainment, Live media coverage was provided by Channels 5 and 8 of Las Vegas, Michelle Lettieri of Springs Preserve was on hand to help the brides pick out dresses, there was a candy buffet by Erin of For The Love of Candy, and Orange Soda was on hand to capture the happy faces.

Everyone had a great time, dozens of dresses were given away and that means happy brides – something we all love.