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Roadside Families is a project that John Michael Cooper of Altf stared in 2008 after being inspired by Master Photographer David A. Williams. The goal was to photograph other photographers and their families and give them a print to hang on the wall. Family is relative in this case, it can be your kids and dog or yourself and your goldfish. The only hard and fast rule was that as a subject you had to, in turn photograph another family and provide them with a ready to hang print. A true ‘pay-it-forward’ project.

That inspiration came to fruition in 2008 when John and Dalisa drove around the US and photographed 37 families while doing workshops. The now famous inflatable couch is long past and John decided it was time to do another Roadside Families installment. This time he drove 4798 miles, hit 28 cities and towns and photographed 56 families, all in a few weeks and with only a few days between coasts. To say this is a labor of love is an understatement of the highest magnitude. Two trips around the nation and 93 families photographed – it boggles the mind. The 2011 Roadside Families project was done on his own, so this was a month away from home, staying with other people, living on the road away from his lovely wife Dalisa, family, dogs and his own mountain of work. He captured an extremely unique slice of Americana, one that can’t be replicated because of it’s nature and intensity.

So, what does this have to do with us? We were very, very humbled when they asked us if we wanted to be family #55. We had already decided to jump on the Roadside Families project before they asked us so on the few days when John was going from East to West and we were going from Seattle to Delaware we met up in-between at the icon of everything Nevada, the Las Vegas sign.

I’ve been attached to this project from the day I heard first about it because I don’t have one photo with my entire family in it from my childhood. Growing up in the instamatic generation we didn’t have tripods so someone had to hold the camera. I keep searching aunts and uncles photo collection, hoping to find that elusive photo but in the meantime we’re giving other photographers a ready to hang print of their family and it’s something we’ll continue to do.

Like the few days we happened to be back in Vegas when John was here, we were lucky enough to photograph the family of Bob and Priscilla Rathbone. A pair of very cool cats who are awesome wedding and family photographers in Seattle. They had just landed less than 12 hours before we met up with them (coming from Vegas) on the Burke Gilman trail and we were on our way to the airport (going back to Vegas).

Make sure to check out the Roadside Families Facebook Page. You don’t have to be one of the families John photographed to be part – start your own trend in your own city. It all starts with you.

Bob, Priscilla and Frost on the Burke Gilman Trail in Seattle.

Roadside Familes by Orange Soda Photo

Indie rockers The Temper Trap came all the way from Melbourne, Australia and played one hell of a show at The Hard Rock Cafe on the Las Vegas Strip. Best known for their song Sweet Disposition, and one of the coolest videos I’ve seen in a very long time, they came and tore down the house. Make sure to watch the video. Alicia and I had a chance to talk to them backstage about the making of it and front man Dougy Mandagi, and the rest of the band were kind enough to share some stories. The one that stands out is drummer Toby Dundas getting hit in the head with drumsticks during the first attempt.

The show was fantastic and they played an awesome set. We were also lucky to have the next big Las Vegas music breakout, Imagine Dragons, as an opening act and they tore it up on their own.

temper trap las vegas geartemper trap las vegas hard rock cafe

Going on stage

temper trap las vegas going on stageTemper Trap Dougy MandagiTemper Trap Las Vegas Dougy MandagiTemper Trap Las Vegas Lorenzo SillittoTemper Trap Las Vegas Joseph GreerThe Temper Trap Hard Rock Cafe Las Vegas

We knew Stephanie and Jason were a perfect match for us as soon as we met. They met while Jason was racing dirt bikes and have been together full throttle ever since. We had a fantastic time photographing their engagement session and their wedding was just more octane fueled fun. Trading in their helmets and knobby tires for a zebra striped wedding theme, you just couldn’t not have fun with these two.

zebra striped wedding shoes
las vegas bride getting ready
stephanie and jason las vegas wedding
las vegas first look tattoos and boots
las vegas wedding details orange soda photo
las vegas wedding guitar
las vegas groom jason
las vegas bridal photo orange soda

Floral arrangements by Garden of Eden Floral Shop.

Chelsea and Bear came from Florida to do their wedding Las Vegas style at the Bellagio on the strip. The reception was held at a private residence afterwards and the whole day was just fun fun fun. Awesome details, coordination and planning by the fantabulous Rissa and Jacqueline of Scheme Events. Always tasty catering by Renaissance Catering.After the ceremony we stopped by the Baccarat Bar and ran into old school bartender Robert Erhart. If you ever are in the Bellagio and want a truly tasty libation, make sure to stop by the Baccarat Bar and ask for Robert.

Some of the best stories and photos can’t be shown here, but you know it was a great time. Thanks for having Orange Soda Photo be part of your day!

Las Vegas Wedding Dress Bellagio

The extremely stunning Chelsea in her dress.

Wedding Dress Bellagio Orange Soda Photo

The guys doing guy stuff, like hanging out on the floor. It’s a guy thing, don’t ask.

Groomsmen Bellagio Orange Soda PhotoBellagio Wedding Orange Soda PhotoBellagio Bride Orange Soda PhotoBellagio Bride and Groom Orange Soda Photo

A little cake smashing goes a long way.

Bellagio Wedding CakeBellagio Wedding Chelsea and Bear

Asha and Gerrard came all the way from Melbourne, Australia to get married in the Grand Canyon and decided a detour to the Las Vegas Neon Museum also known as The Neon Boneyard, was in order. I’m not sure what it is about couples from Australia, but they always know how to have fun. Asha and Gerrard keep that tradition by being two of the coolest and fun people we’ve worked with in a long time. Asha plays it cool but is really all sass and Gerrard is just laid back and comfortable wherever he goes. As we were walking out of the boneyard, their limo came to pick them up and get whisked off to the enormity of the Grand Canyon to get hitched. You’d be hard pressed to find a couple more radiant and in love than these two.


I love this giant clown head, it just radiates creepiness, a stark contrast to the always cool Gerrard.


A is for Asha..


G is for Gerrard, chillin’ with a Bud.


We couldn’t pass up some Orange Soda Photo fun. Besides, Fanta seems to be the house favorite right now.