Yearly Archives: 2012

I can’t believe it’s already been six months.  Has it really gone by that fast? Christmas is almost upon us so that means..October..November..yep. Six months. They say that kids grow up fast but this is ridiculous, I mean he’s growing like a weed on steroids. He’s a little Hulk but minus the green skin and with a much better disposition, if you catch my drift. Cullen has to be the happiest 6 month old I’ve ever seen, and he seems to be fascinated with Boon the Wonder Corgi and his growling, barking and general corginess. Considering they pretty much see eye to eye at this point I suppose that makes sense.

If this little guy doesn’t make your awwwwww meter jump off the scale, I’m just not sure what would.









There never seems to be as much time to hang out with the Haskells as I’d like, and can you blame them? Being the owners of the most awesome bakery in town, as well as two of the most business savvy people I know (If you don’t follow Kari on twitter, you’re missing out). Kari had the bomb idea, silver and pink sparkly clothing for her and the girls and a silver sparkly Christmas tree. Brian would have to tough this one out. I confess, it made me think of Sparkle Motion from Donnie Darko, and I had Duran Duran’s Notorious stuck in my head for days. It’s been awhile since we did a Christmas shoot with them and we were totally stoked! Honestly, how can you not love a couple that uses a set of measuring spoons as mistletoe?














We first met Heather and Erik when we were looking for a caterer brave enough for our most unconventional wedding. Having no fear whatsoever, they stepped right up and we became fast friends. They sent us word recently that it was time for them to tie the knot and who did they call? You got it. Orange Soda rides again. They wanted an old Las Vegas feel to their photos, no problem was our answer. Fremont street is one of our favorite places and we had a ball as always. The ever stunning Heather went all out and made a stop to see Janine and LaVey of Your Beauty Call. Erik was rocking a true old school Vegas suit, most proper to the max. We’re super excited to be working with Juliet and Angelica of Green Orchid Events again, and we know this will come together as one of the cool weddings of the year.















That’s right, the world is ending! So what’s all this? We’re doing some awesome mini sessions as a memento of the occasion.

How it works:

1. Reserve your spot and show up on the 21st here at Orange Soda Photo ( we’ll give you directions when you reserve your spot)

2. Bring fifty bucks

3. See the prop master to grab the zombie hunter weapon of your choice

4. Get your photo taken with three zombie pinup dolls

5. Grab your 5×7

6. Grab your disc

We have Mr. Lenny Davis on hand bringing a plethora of movie prop weapons that have been used in flicks such as the original Red Dawn, The Terminator, Die Hard and on and on. Don’t want to hold a weapon? No problem. Bring something to make it you. Not sure what to wear? it’s the last day on earth, how would you dress? Tux with tails and a top hat? Camouflage?

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Make sure to reserve your spot as soon as possible, spaces are filling up fast! Call us at 702-510-5532, or email us.

Hair, makeup, attire and zombie girls provided by the super amazing Amelia C and Co.



Four wheel drive and train track were the name of the game when Steven showed up for some unconventional senior photos on the Jean Dry Lake Bed. We had more than perfect weather for an afternoon in the desert. Scuba certified and looking sharp behind the wheel, Steven is off to Colorado to go into rehab medicine. We can’t wait to see what else he does in the future, and we guarantee  it will be bright!