Yearly Archives: 2016

Two very cool people, one awesome location.

The Nevada desert environment offers so many different areas to explore, it’s often hard to pick just one. For the combination of green foliage and red rocks I knew just where to go. Coming from cold and blustery Syracuse, New York, these two were happy to be out in the warm sun and up for a nice hike through the lush and prickly high desert plains that surround our lovely valley. With James on gear lugging and flash holding, we traipsed about the wild and rocky canyons and came up with some amazing images.












What an amazing night this was with good friends Courtney and Seth. We hauled hundreds of pounds of lights, stands, assistants, projectors, furniture and a security team to the remotest reaches of the Mohave desert for a fun and ambitious shoot with two of our most favorite people. Everything we brought along was incidental at best, as Courtney and Seth just flat outshine any light we could have possibly thought to use.

With LED uplights and Tombstone playing on graffiti riddled concrete, we watched as these two reveled in each other and I was lucky enough to be there with a camera to capture it all. With Courtney’s mysterious brown eyes and fiery¬†personality, and Seth’s extensive knowledge of all things Marvel and DC, plus his cool exterior, you’d never know that these two share a bond so deep that mere words cannot do it justice.

We found out that Seth was starting chemotherapy the very next morning and had trudged without complaint through hill and valley until the wee hours of the morning. Please take a moment to check out their gofundme page and donate to help keep Seth the cool dude he is.

Special thanks to Amelia C and Co. for makeup and hair wizardry, Kevin Cordova of LED Unplugged for lighting up the night, Becca for assisting, and to the security guys of Tek Stratex International for providing security and overwatch.



mohave desert night engagement photos