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Our albums are truly one of a kind. Why you ask? For openers, every album starts with killer photography. Each album is designed, retouched, printed, bound and finished by us, right here. Why would we do such a thing? We know there are some very good album companies out there, but we wanted more control and we wanted more options. With my background in print and design and Alicia’s in fabrication of prosthetic limbs, we were a match made to design, print and bind killer albums right here in house. The range of cover options is exhaustive and with our laser cut, powder coated aluminum covers, we can match just about any color from your wedding or house. Want blood red diamond plate with a black leather for your Hard Rock cafe wedding? No problem. Want Coriander and Cream Japanese silk book cloth? No problem. We’re going to be offering custom photo covers soon, but they have to pass our rigorous testing phase first. Some of our demo albums have been handled by thousands of hands and look brand new. No album leaves our hands until it’s 100% ready.

We start with amazing photography and we photograph your wedding, engagement or family session around your album design. On the say of, we’re already deciding how to tell your story. When your photos are ready, we pre-design your album (with 10 years of experience, we know what we’re doing) and then you come over and approve your layout, always having full control over the design. Finally we move to the cover, and the options are just fun fun fun. It’s like a color party up in here, and we love color. Everyone has a different idea of what colorway they like, and we’re happy to accommodate, make suggestions and step out of the norm to create something truly unique that nobody else has.

Here is a fraction of some of the badass albums we’ve produced to date.























Everyone knows we make our own albums here, right? If you don’t here’s the short version. Each and every album that comes from us, from concept to completion is designed, printed, bound and covered right here in the Orange Soda laboratories and design studio. That means we know every single inch of your album like nobody else, and that means they come out the way we want every single time. The obvious benefit is that each album that leaves here is truly unique and in some cases we only make one before we break the mold. Having an album that you know was made with attention to every small detail and that nobody else has is something of a rarity these days.

We wanted something that was truly different yet minimal in design that we could offer for our covers. Something so cool, it’d make people stop and stare with their mouth agape.

Enter powder coated aluminum. We start with a sheet of 2024T3 aircraft aluminum and laser cut the plate and design into the cover. With powder coating coming in a vast array of colors and being nearly 10 times stronger than traditional paint, it was the obvious choice. Finish it with a leather spine and you have an elegant, lightweight album that could easily withstand the zombie apocalypse in style. If James Bond wanted an album, this is what he’d have.

How cool are these? Every album that leaves here tests positive for awesomeness. See for yourself.

Powder Coated Aluminum Album Cover

Powder Coated Aluminum Cover

Powder Coated Aluminum Album Cover 1

Powder Coated Aluminum -  Orange Soda Photo

Aluminum Album Cover - Orange Soda Photo

Leather Spine Aluminum Album Cover

Totally Awesome Wedding Album

Laser Cut Aluminum Album Cover

Aluminum Album Cover - Orange Soda Photo

Powder Coated Aluminum Album Covers