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On a rainy day in the Pacific Northwest, two sisters (you remember Allison), their mom and new husbands holding umbrellas in tow, made it through the murky and dank woods, down a very old trail to some remote old growth forest for an unforgettable bridal session. If you’ve never been in an old growth forest, it’s a sensory experience that you’ll not soon forget. The sound of rain coming through the canopy far above, the scent of pine sap, and the rustle of critters vying for a dry place are all part of it, but it also encompasses a totality that is calming in a way that defies explanation. Having been a desert dweller for the past six years, coming back to this particular forest was a trip back in time, almost like coming home as I’d spent the better part of my youth combing this forest and could have navigated the trail blindfolded. We stopped at the remnants of an outdoor chapel, carved out of wind-fallen trees 15 years earlier by my friend who owns this many hundred acre tree farm and is the epitome of sustainable and renewable resources. The chapel, now overgrown with moss and ferns, was where he was married and it was the second wedding I’d ever photographed. Coming back with two stunning sisters was both a rewind and a look forward.

Special thanks to the Clyde Tree Farm and Crystal Hart for hair and Makeup excellence.












We love living in Las Vegas, there is no shortage of cool locations, many where you’d never expect. Sometimes you have to stop thinking about all of the details and just photograph what’s in front of you, in this case it was the always stunning Amber.┬áSpecial thanks to Kate Carra for the awesome hair and makeup. Super duper thanks to Amber for coming out and playing.

We had Fun Fun Fun with Amber out at the dry lake bed today, not really trashing her dress again, but just having a great time in the desert outside Las Vegas. Amber is one of our favorite past brides and a good friend, her sister came along for fun and we had a a blast with the two of them.
gorgeous bride la vegas dry lake bed
bride with tulle las vegas dry lake bed
bride with tulle train tracks
happy bride tulle
glam bride in the desert
bride in the nevada desert
bride with rusty stuff
bride graffiti