The Haskell Family – A Very Retro Bakery Family Photo Session

We’ve been doing the Haskell’s photos for a few years now, and rarely do we have so much fun. This time was no exception, and Brian had picked out some cool spots, not your usual family photo locations, and you know that’s how we roll.

If you missed it, make sure to check out some past fun we had when we stuffed Kari and Brian into the cupcake case and also when they had an all out social media and smart phone battle in our studio last year.

Up before the sun came up ( this is midnight to us you realize), we were off to the end of the road (literally) and then up to the fire ravaged areas of Mt. Charleston for an ethereal look. I knew the fire came down Kyle Canyon but didn’t know just how far it had burned. We were also treated to a killer sunrise on the way there, and if you live in the valley or have ever seen a desert sunrise, you know what I mean.

Want more Retro Bakery action? Here’s all you can handle and more. Follow Kari on Twitter and Instagram, and make sure to like their Facebook page. If that’s not enough buttercream, you should seek help, or post yourself at their counter to pick up some of the new tastiness they keep whipping up.

Punk rock Abbi, Cupcake tossing Lucy, Kari going visions of Ziggy Stardust on us with an awesome silver biker jacket and Brian promising waffles, what more can you ask for?













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