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Once in a long while you meet someone who changes your perspective on something, and Kevin Cordova of LED Unplugged has probably done that for more people than I can count. Always focused yet never so serious that you don’t get a great smile, it’s hard to imagine Kevin not being a parent. See him around his lovely wife Jackie and his three, now four daughters and he lights up so bright that all the lights in Las Vegas don’t hold a candle to him. We were privileged and honored to be able to photograph their newest daughter, Emily





Oh Yeah! Swaddled!






Because Kevin is Kevin


I can’t believe it’s already been six months.  Has it really gone by that fast? Christmas is almost upon us so that means..October..November..yep. Six months. They say that kids grow up fast but this is ridiculous, I mean he’s growing like a weed on steroids. He’s a little Hulk but minus the green skin and with a much better disposition, if you catch my drift. Cullen has to be the happiest 6 month old I’ve ever seen, and he seems to be fascinated with Boon the Wonder Corgi and his growling, barking and general corginess. Considering they pretty much see eye to eye at this point I suppose that makes sense.

If this little guy doesn’t make your awwwwww meter jump off the scale, I’m just not sure what would.









Some of us come into the world sleepy eyed and some crying but baby boy Cullen came with a Les Paul and looking for a Marshall amp. Everyone has plans for their friend’s children. Me? I’m already dusting off a copy of TAD’s 8 Way Santa for him. We’re proud to call his parents friends and couldn’t be happier for them and we wish Baby Cullen a long and fruitful journey with a killer soundtrack. If you missed the first photos we posted, make sure to check out The Baby and The Bomb.









With Stanley Kubrick’s Dr. Strangelove (or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb) as inspiration, we headed out to the Jean dry lake bed for a very unique newborn photo. Slim Pickens would no doubt approve.




You never know who you will meet while photographing a wedding, and this family is just one example of the wonderful people we encounter in our job!  We met Jen and her husband Jamie while photographing a wedding last October.  Jen works with the bride from that wedding.   As a group office present from work, as well as from our past bride and groom, this family was surprised to receive the awesome gift of a family photo session to be used after their little baby girl was born.   Jules is a sweet little pumpkin of joy, just 4 1/2 months old for this photo session, and has a very loving brother named Jake who is always more than happy to help out with caring for his baby sister.  This also happened to be the first professional photo session that Jen and Jamie have experience.  Thank you for taking me into your home, and making me feel like part of the family for a couple of hours!