The Misfits – Hard Rock Cafe – Las Vegas Strip

I didn’t really discover The Misfits until my art director days when my assistant turned badass design maven Scott over at Black Box Studio introduced me to them. Those were truly crazy days, locked in a room and producing art for printing at all hours of the day, night and morning. These endless weeks were usually followed by late nights at one of Seattle’s many greasy spoons, most specifically, Beth’s Cafe which is still operating and slinging endless hash browns. Those were the days of minimal responsibility, those were the days.

Getting a chance to see and photograph them now was a better experience than if I had seen them then – They’re a great bunch of guys. Jerry Only has more spikes than I thought was humanly possible, Dez Cadena is a legend being the former guitarist of Black Flag. Another legend, former Black Flag and Misfits drummer Robo took up the rear and let me tell you, they were louder than hell – even with earplugs my ears still hurt the next day. Guess I shouldn’t lean my head on the stage monitors.



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