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Indie rockers The Temper Trap came all the way from Melbourne, Australia and played one hell of a show at The Hard Rock Cafe on the Las Vegas Strip. Best known for their song Sweet Disposition, and one of the coolest videos I’ve seen in a very long time, they came and tore down the house. Make sure to watch the video. Alicia and I had a chance to talk to them backstage about the making of it and front man Dougy Mandagi, and the rest of the band were kind enough to share some stories. The one that stands out is drummer Toby Dundas getting hit in the head with drumsticks during the first attempt.

The show was fantastic and they played an awesome set. We were also lucky to have the next big Las Vegas music breakout, Imagine Dragons, as an opening act and they tore it up on their own.

temper trap las vegas geartemper trap las vegas hard rock cafe

Going on stage

temper trap las vegas going on stageTemper Trap Dougy MandagiTemper Trap Las Vegas Dougy MandagiTemper Trap Las Vegas Lorenzo SillittoTemper Trap Las Vegas Joseph GreerThe Temper Trap Hard Rock Cafe Las Vegas

When I used to listen to the Dead Kennedys in high school, we scrawled their logo on our jackets, notebooks, pee-chees and bathroom walls. The familiar DK symbol meant you were different, you stood out, you were punk rock. Most of us had no idea what being punk rock really meant, but it sounded cool and many years later I saw it in action when The Dead Kennedys played the Hard Rock Cafe. Klaus and East Bay Ray are still around, so is former DK drummer DH Peligro and new frontman Skip wasn’t Jello Biafra, but he certainly didn’t disappoint. They were loud and they kicked ass. Nothing says love like a huge mosh pit full of happy kids slam dancing.

I didn’t really discover The Misfits until my art director days when my assistant turned badass design maven Scott over at Black Box Studio introduced me to them. Those were truly crazy days, locked in a room and producing art for printing at all hours of the day, night and morning. These endless weeks were usually followed by late nights at one of Seattle’s many greasy spoons, most specifically, Beth’s Cafe which is still operating and slinging endless hash browns. Those were the days of minimal responsibility, those were the days.

Getting a chance to see and photograph them now was a better experience than if I had seen them then – They’re a great bunch of guys. Jerry Only has more spikes than I thought was humanly possible, Dez Cadena is a legend being the former guitarist of Black Flag. Another legend, former Black Flag and Misfits drummer Robo took up the rear and let me tell you, they were louder than hell – even with earplugs my ears still hurt the next day. Guess I shouldn’t lean my head on the stage monitors.

NU Sanctuary hosted REMIX, the brainchild of DJs Starlene and Steffon of Sound Fusion Entertainment, and those kids know how to throw a party. Arlene and Steffon grew their roots as club DJs so this wasn’t new turf for them. Celebrating NU Sanctuary Nightlife Bartenders: Brannon, Maher, & Kushal, they spun to a full house with partial proceeds being donated to Wish Upon a Wedding. Thanks to Adam and Cymbra of Artistic Imaging for grabbing some very cool people photos and Enchanted Florist for the awesome decor.

The night was loud to say the least, but everyone had a great time – how could you not? With DJ Steffon, DJ Starlene, DJ Chuck Fader, The Tunay Ink Break Dancing Crew and the loud and dangerous 51Fifty. It was madness, but for a great cause!

Thanks to everyone who came out!

Best known as the frontman, vocalist, and keyboardist of Las Vegas own The Killers, we were more than happy to hang out and grab some photos from his practice sessions just days before his first sold out solo show at the Las Vegas Hilton’s Shimmer Lounge. Rumor is we’re less than a month away before his new solo release, Flamingo hits the shelves and iPods everywhere.

When it’s you, your wife and one other person as the only audience to to a private show by Brandon Flowers and his band, how can you not love the idea? We sat through the whole set, just us three and without the tension leading up to the show, lighting, or a large crowd it was probably better than that first show – at least for me. Brandon is a very shy person by nature and talking to him you pick up on that right away, but put a microphone in his hand and the man has something to say and he says it loud.

We had a chance to ask him why, given the obvious Las Vegas reference, why he chose the title for his first solo release. Flamingo is a tribute to Flamingo Road, where according to him many life changing events occurred. He told stories between sets and almost all of them seemed to revolve around Flamingo Road. Brandon and The Killers may have gone worldwide, but he’s a local boy through and through. You might even find him at some of his favorite haunts on Flamingo Rd.

Brandon donated a guitar to The Hard Rock Cafe on the Las Vegas strip, where they auction off memorabilia items and donate the money to several causes.

brandon flowers guitar

This was in the middle of a cover of “Dettie Davis’ Eyes” and it was killer, pun intended.

brandon flowers solo tour practice set


This reminded me of an almost Frank Sinatra look, the man has many expressions and isn’t even remotely afraid to use them all. brandon flowers flamingo las vegas