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The rumors are true. We had a very wild and windy wedding ceremony on the Crystal dry lake bed in 70 mph winds. To say the least, we had planned it differently. Weeks of truly amazing planning and back breaking work by the best of Las Vegas’ wedding professionals quickly changed when we woke to 70 mph winds and no back up plan. The wind was so strong it blew you over. This is where couples generally and rightfully so, freak out.

Not us. We don’t roll that way. We were going out there full throttle.

We planned on the dry lake bed and hell or high wind, we had our ceremony out there. Our closest friends and family and some of the best people we can call friends at the helm, John Michael Cooper and Dalisa Cooper of Altf Photography rode out the storm and to our amazement, everyone had a fantastic time. I remember coming over the hill and seeing the entire lake bed engulfed in a wall of sand and thinking this was going to be incredible, as John put it it was surreal. It reminded me of Mickey Knox riding toward the tornado in Natural Born Killers. Alicia was so excited we could barely wait to get out into it. I remember turning to her and saying “It’s on now“. My head was fuzzy. I had the most beautiful creature on earth sitting next to me as we rolled towards a dry hurricane of sand and all I could do was look at her and think “I can’t wait to marry you”.

Without skipping a beat, the vendors retreated to the cavernous studio of Altf where they put together (in record time) the first ever wedding reception held there. To say it was amazing is an understatement. Doing a photo shoot is one thing, opening your house to 100 people and vendors with no notice goes way beyond anything one could ever ask from friends. We’re eternally grateful, there are no words to express how we feel about how everyone, and I mean everyone came together for a planned day that went completely off the rails and rocked it to the end. Everyone had a great time. Something about a bunny and things we’re still hearing about.

We had planned to take some self portraits during the ceremony with out telling anyone, we had enough time to get one.

Of course this is only a fraction of the story and we’re still in the clouds. I’m not sure we’ll ever come down. To see more, check out the awesome blog post by JMC his bad self

Very special thanks that will ever exceed words to everyone who made this possible, family and friends that came from Washington, California, Georgia and Sweden, and the of course the phenomenal wedding dream team: Altf Photography, Scheme Events, Enchanted Florist, Sound Fusion Entertainment, LED Unplugged, Sit On This, Retro Bakery, Memory Lane Video, A Matter of Taste Catering, Amelia C, Rebel Party Rentals, Pastor Ed Bruning, Daniel Plainview, and Brother Maynard