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Blog post by Chris, Photos by Alicia.

I absolutely love going to San Francisco, it’s like being immersed in an urban culture that has roots going back so far that even the history is hazy and hard to track down. This time, we went just for the day and after stepping off the plane, we promptly placed ourselves in line at Blue Bottle Coffee for some of that ultra dark brew that you can only seem to find in small coffee houses tucked away in the neighborhoods. After a most wonderful double ristretto pull of dark roasted wonderment, we sallied forth to explore the rest of the Ferry Building, and my senses were inundated with that timeless olfactory delight that is a combination of cold saltwater, creosote and alder roasting fish. Just pure heaven. With our fearless tour guides, Jen and Randy, we managed to circumnavigate pretty much the entire city from Chinatown, through Presidio Heights, Land’s End and back to the waterfront to end the wonderful day at Epic Roasthouse. It was a fantastic day with great friends and we’re really looking forward to their upcoming wedding!