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Four wheel drive and train track were the name of the game when Steven showed up for some unconventional senior photos on the Jean Dry Lake Bed. We had more than perfect weather for an afternoon in the desert. Scuba certified and looking sharp behind the wheel, Steven is off to Colorado to go into rehab medicine. We can’t wait to see what else he does in the future, and we guarantee  it will be bright!




















Everyone knows we make our own albums here, right? If you don’t here’s the short version. Each and every album that comes from us, from concept to completion is designed, printed, bound and covered right here in the Orange Soda laboratories and design studio. That means we know every single inch of your album like nobody else, and that means they come out the way we want every single time. The obvious benefit is that each album that leaves here is truly unique and in some cases we only make one before we break the mold. Having an album that you know was made with attention to every small detail and that nobody else has is something of a rarity these days.

We wanted something that was truly different yet minimal in design that we could offer for our covers. Something so cool, it’d make people stop and stare with their mouth agape.

Enter powder coated aluminum. We start with a sheet of 2024T3 aircraft aluminum and laser cut the plate and design into the cover. With powder coating coming in a vast array of colors and being nearly 10 times stronger than traditional paint, it was the obvious choice. Finish it with a leather spine and you have an elegant, lightweight album that could easily withstand the zombie apocalypse in style. If James Bond wanted an album, this is what he’d have.

How cool are these? Every album that leaves here tests positive for awesomeness. See for yourself.

Powder Coated Aluminum Album Cover

Powder Coated Aluminum Cover

Powder Coated Aluminum Album Cover 1

Powder Coated Aluminum -  Orange Soda Photo

Aluminum Album Cover - Orange Soda Photo

Leather Spine Aluminum Album Cover

Totally Awesome Wedding Album

Laser Cut Aluminum Album Cover

Aluminum Album Cover - Orange Soda Photo

Powder Coated Aluminum Album Covers

Chandra and Gavin came from Florida to Las Vegas for some photos in the old part of town. Chandra is one tall smokin’ hottie and Gavin is the quintessential Apple user who loves his iPad and iPhone. They are the epitome of an analog vs. digital couple and they do it very well, having been married over 10 years. Chandra hails from Texas and Gavin is from Dublin, Ireland where he and his brother used to watch U2 play on the street corner when they were a start-up band.

We had such a great time with these two that we were truly sorry to part ways. We hope to make it to Orlando so we can go diving with them someday. Thanks for being so fun!

Chandra just being the bomb.
Analog vs. Digital = love unequaled.

While Chandra did a quick change, Gavin just chilled out and took in street life in Fremont. Not a moment later a stranger handed him a dollar. Not something you see very often.
The shoe shot, this just explains them to perfection. How can you not love people who wear chucks?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve no doubt seen the SNL spoof on Blue Oyster Cult with Christopher Walken and heard the now famous line “I have a fever and the only prescription is more cowbell!”

Some days you just need some cowbell and some days you need more cowbell. Our good friend Peter not only delivered a prescription of more cowbell, he hand delivered three cowbells all the way from Sweden so we truly have more cowbell! Peter is an orthopedic surgeon so he’s qualified to prescribe three cowbells which is more than most people can handle. Along with them came a pair of 5B drumsticks from 4Sound so we can both bang on cowbells all day and still have a reserve just in case we need to go full throttle on the cowbell.


We hate to brag, but we really do have more cowbell.


We love living in Las Vegas, there is no shortage of cool locations, many where you’d never expect. Sometimes you have to stop thinking about all of the details and just photograph what’s in front of you, in this case it was the always stunning Amber. Special thanks to Kate Carra for the awesome hair and makeup. Super duper thanks to Amber for coming out and playing.