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Asha and Rob are two of the coolest Australians we’ve ever had the pleasure to meet and just downright fun people. The day started out as a simple wedding but alas, simple wasn’t in the deck that day. We did some fun getting ready photos and then off to the chapel where all was well. Then afterwards the limo broke down in the 7-11 parking lot and the real party started right there. Never faltering for a moment, everyone just rolled with it and had an absolute blast. Having never photographed a couple near a 7-11 or Vegas bus stop either by accident or design, we took the opportunity to come up with some downright unexpected and killer images.

Oh yeah, did I mention it was storming all around us that day? Nothing like moody weather to make it all come together. Yeah!





Uh oh 🙁
















Sara hadn’t decided where Warner was getting ready and I suggested the roof of the parking garage and that’s exactly where we ended up on a perfect day. With a few odd looks from security and some people looking out their windows the guys transformed into gentlemen in the least likely place you’d look for them. And that was just the very beginning of the day. We had vintage cars, Elvis, pinball machines from the real heyday of the Bally Table Kings, a trip to the famous (in)famous Hogs and Heifers and more on a day none of us will ever forget. Memory Lane Video was on hand for some killer aerial footage.










Venue: Palace Station, Las Vegas Pinball Museum

Video: Memory Lane


Indie rockers The Temper Trap came all the way from Melbourne, Australia and played one hell of a show at The Hard Rock Cafe on the Las Vegas Strip. Best known for their song Sweet Disposition, and one of the coolest videos I’ve seen in a very long time, they came and tore down the house. Make sure to watch the video. Alicia and I had a chance to talk to them backstage about the making of it and front man Dougy Mandagi, and the rest of the band were kind enough to share some stories. The one that stands out is drummer Toby Dundas getting hit in the head with drumsticks during the first attempt.

The show was fantastic and they played an awesome set. We were also lucky to have the next big Las Vegas music breakout, Imagine Dragons, as an opening act and they tore it up on their own.

temper trap las vegas geartemper trap las vegas hard rock cafe

Going on stage

temper trap las vegas going on stageTemper Trap Dougy MandagiTemper Trap Las Vegas Dougy MandagiTemper Trap Las Vegas Lorenzo SillittoTemper Trap Las Vegas Joseph GreerThe Temper Trap Hard Rock Cafe Las Vegas

Chelsea and Bear came from Florida to do their wedding Las Vegas style at the Bellagio on the strip. The reception was held at a private residence afterwards and the whole day was just fun fun fun. Awesome details, coordination and planning by the fantabulous Rissa and Jacqueline of Scheme Events. Always tasty catering by Renaissance Catering.After the ceremony we stopped by the Baccarat Bar and ran into old school bartender Robert Erhart. If you ever are in the Bellagio and want a truly tasty libation, make sure to stop by the Baccarat Bar and ask for Robert.

Some of the best stories and photos can’t be shown here, but you know it was a great time. Thanks for having Orange Soda Photo be part of your day!

Las Vegas Wedding Dress Bellagio

The extremely stunning Chelsea in her dress.

Wedding Dress Bellagio Orange Soda Photo

The guys doing guy stuff, like hanging out on the floor. It’s a guy thing, don’t ask.

Groomsmen Bellagio Orange Soda PhotoBellagio Wedding Orange Soda PhotoBellagio Bride Orange Soda PhotoBellagio Bride and Groom Orange Soda Photo

A little cake smashing goes a long way.

Bellagio Wedding CakeBellagio Wedding Chelsea and Bear

Chandra and Gavin came from Florida to Las Vegas for some photos in the old part of town. Chandra is one tall smokin’ hottie and Gavin is the quintessential Apple user who loves his iPad and iPhone. They are the epitome of an analog vs. digital couple and they do it very well, having been married over 10 years. Chandra hails from Texas and Gavin is from Dublin, Ireland where he and his brother used to watch U2 play on the street corner when they were a start-up band.

We had such a great time with these two that we were truly sorry to part ways. We hope to make it to Orlando so we can go diving with them someday. Thanks for being so fun!

Chandra just being the bomb.
Analog vs. Digital = love unequaled.

While Chandra did a quick change, Gavin just chilled out and took in street life in Fremont. Not a moment later a stranger handed him a dollar. Not something you see very often.
The shoe shot, this just explains them to perfection. How can you not love people who wear chucks?