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We love living in Las Vegas, there is no shortage of cool locations, many where you’d never expect. Sometimes you have to stop thinking about all of the details and just photograph what’s in front of you, in this case it was the always stunning Amber.┬áSpecial thanks to Kate Carra for the awesome hair and makeup. Super duper thanks to Amber for coming out and playing.

For the second year, Dawn and Annette of Couture Bride gave away wedding dresses to active duty military personnel and those who have served in Iraq or Afghanistan. Veteran’s Day started early as girls showed up at 11:30 the previous night to claim a spot and the chance for one of the many gorgeous dresses. The pre-dawn hours had a line of anxious brides waiting, with temperatures in the low 40s, they wrapped up in blankets, heavy coats and hoods and hugging warm cups of coffee or hot chocolate.

Swanky sounds were spun live by ultra DJs Arlene and DJ Steffon of Sound Fusion Entertainment, Live media coverage was provided by Channels 5 and 8 of Las Vegas, Michelle Lettieri of Springs Preserve was on hand to help the brides pick out dresses, there was a candy buffet by Erin of For The Love of Candy, and Orange Soda was on hand to capture the happy faces.

Everyone had a great time, dozens of dresses were given away and that means happy brides – something we all love.

We had Fun Fun Fun with Amber out at the dry lake bed today, not really trashing her dress again, but just having a great time in the desert outside Las Vegas. Amber is one of our favorite past brides and a good friend, her sister came along for fun and we had a a blast with the two of them.
gorgeous bride la vegas dry lake bed
bride with tulle las vegas dry lake bed
bride with tulle train tracks
happy bride tulle
glam bride in the desert
bride in the nevada desert
bride with rusty stuff
bride graffiti