Valley of Fire Maternity Session with Stephanie and Jason

A day with Stephanie and Jason is always something we look forward to, we did a fun and dirty dirt bike engagement session with them, a zebra striped wedding and now we’re documenting the expectant Stephanie and dad-to-be Jason on their journey to parenthood. I filled Jason in on the lack of sleep and it’s effects on judgement, while having lively culinary discussions with Stephanie. I admit I had no idea that mountain lions roamed so close to here and was regaled with Jason’s harrowing account of being followed by one as he hiked the Nevada back country alone and at a time between day and night that can only be described as the very wee hours. The hair stood on my neck as Jason wove a chilling tale, and I’m glad to say that Jason is a very cool customer as the intrepid feline parted company after thinking better of trying to eat him.

Isn’t Stephanie the epitome of a glowing mom? She has that fascinating excitement that only an expectant mother can have and it’s something that I’m in awe of. With her rampant smile and fun nature, she made the entire valley bright, but most important was how she made Jason light up. So radiant are these two that I never even noticed that the sun had set.

Their little one will be here very, very soon and going old school, they’re waiting until birth to find out if it’s a boy or girl. Congrats you two!











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