Zombie makeup in Las Vegas by Amelia C and Co.

When I was told that zombies were invading Las Vegas, my first thought was to feed them my 5 month old baby boy. I know it sounds horrible, but when Amelia Cooper, the intrepid owner and helms-woman of Amelia C and Co. came to us and asked if we’d be down for shooting some zombies, I jumped at the chance with the only caveat being I had to have one with our little guy being eaten. I have plans to show it as his wedding some day. We have to have priorities after all.

We’ve worked with Amelia for so long, I’ve lost track of how many weddings and engagement sessions we’ve worked on together. She did Alicia’s hair and makeup for our own engagement photos, our shoot with Altf for Inside Edition as well as being a major player on our wedding day. Here are a few of the previous ones we’ve done, and you just might find a reference to the sugar skulls that we’ll be showing in our next post. We shot these at the spacious and lofty Altf Studios, and a special thanks to John and Dalisa Cooper for accommodating us as well as tolerating walkers and biters wandering around their dwelling. If you need zombie makeup in Las Vegas or So Cal, you know who to call.

Sit down, grab your anti-zombie viral infection kit and fortify your barricades, the zombies are coming and they’re badass.

zombie makeup las vegas

 las vegas zombie makeup

zombie girls

infected zombie girls makeup

Poor Wyatt. This was the most scared he looked, the rest of the time he was just cooing and laughing.

zombie girls eating baby

infected zombie girl

crazy zombie expressions

Rob Cooper, husband and owner with Amelia is one scary mofo. This gave me nightmares.

super scary zombie

The zombie horde of Las vegas

zombie horde in las vegas

More gratuitous baby eating by the zombie horde. Never mind while he chews on his hand.

zombie horde eating baby


Want more? Wait for Part 2: Sugar Skulls!



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